Alexandre Liki Bidoli

Alexandre Liki Bidoli

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First Name * Alexandre
Last Name * Liki Bidoli
Username * AlexLiki
Country * Brazil
City Sao Paulo
Languages EnglishPortuguese



Availability: Freelance


I'm a self taught Freelancer 3D Modeler/Character Artist living in Brazil.

Work experience:

*Animaking as a stop motion puppet modeler and inbetweener and cleanup artist for tradicional animation in commercial productions, and as a 3D modeler on the award winning short film "Worms". (November 2003 – March 2005)

*Vetor Zero as a 3D Modeler responsible for character and set modeling for a wide range of commercial productions. Implemented models into commercial pipeline, collaborating with rigging and texturing. (November 2005 – August 2009)

* Freelance 3D Modeler / Character Artist at (Self-employed) doing models, both organic and inorganic, for companies like Vetor Zero, Furia Digital, Estudio Colletivo, Animatório (March 2005 - present)